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They're Functional Art!


Desert Power Wagons are handcrafted transformations of Dodge Power Wagons into functional art that you will be proud to drive.

Hailing from the deserts of Arizona and now located in sunny Castle Hayne, North Carolina (just outside the city limits of Wilmington) our mechanics and craftsmen start with classic Dodge Power Wagons, and transform them into a coveted vehicle to add to your toy collection. We meticulously hand-build each truck, providing a complete restoration, modernized and customized to your specification. This iconic truck, restored to perfection, will be a nod to days gone by but with improvements made to performance and modern standards, will turn every head on the road.

I invite you to browse our inventory and to contact me with your inquiries about a Desert Power Wagon. Give me a call or shoot me a text – my direct line is (877) PWR-WAGN – or (877) 797-9246.

Talk to you soon!

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