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I'm Aaron, the owner here at Desert Power Wagons. What can I tell you about myself and my team? Well, we're true "car guys", first and foremost. We're lucky enough to have turned our hobby into our profession. Heck, we're all over 40 and we're still playing with cars and trucks... what does that tell you?!?

I have been a car enthusiast all of my life, however, growing up in St. Louis, Missouri didn’t give me much opportunity to own the cars I dreamed of driving. Years later, I’m fortunate to drive whatever car I wish. During my journey as a car owner, there have been many cars with great style that I have loved to drive — the Land Rover Defender, the Porsche 911, the Ferrari F430. When it comes to trucks, it’s the Dodge Power Wagon that makes bold the statement:

"I'm a badass truck!"

As any Dodge Power Wagon owner knows, while they are very cool to look at, they are horrible to drive. Too slow, too loud, uncomfortable to drive, horrible maneuvering, etc. My Desert Power Wagons team and I set out to change that distinction. While keeping the awesome beauty of the power wagon lines, we decided to make the truck a modern comfortable daily driver. To that end, we assembled the best fabricators, interior designers, and body men in the business and have developed the Desert Power Wagons brand. When you see our trucks you will understand our love for the old truck and our passion to make them the hottest truck on the road.

Our builds start with the best coaches in the business, using original cabs we have stretched the body to create a 4-passenger crew cab Power Wagon. This stretched version makes the interior very comfortable for the driver and 3 passengers. We have installed modern power plants that allow the truck to travel safely at highway speeds. Unlike our competitors who use the small 4BT Cummins or LS 3 Corvette engines, Desert Power Wagons only uses the 5.9L 24-valve or 6.7L Cummins® or the modern Hemi SRT8. Our engines have the proper torque and horsepower to power these beasts. While our competition uses the 4BT because it is easier to install and requires much less engineering work, we at Desert Power Wagons chose not to compromise our builds and spent the time and energy designing the proper power plant and transmission setup for our trucks.

With modern power plants and large 4-door crew cabs, our trucks also provide modern conveniences such as power seats, power windows, A/C, air ride or coil-over suspension, automatic transmissions, and killer sound systems. Small but important improvements such as a rear bumper, trailer hitch, turn signals and stop lights, E-Brakes, backup and side view cameras, seat belts, and phone chargers are just a few of the modern items that we have put into our builds to bring the rugged Power Wagon into the 21st century. When you see and drive one of our builds you will absolutely fall in love with the truck. No one on your block (or your city) will have a truck with the style, comfort, and power of a Desert Power Wagon. I look forward to meeting you and designing your modern classic dream truck!

So, take your time. Browse through all of the information on our site. If you have questions or would like to know what it takes to order your very own custom-built Desert Power Wagon, give me a call or shoot me a text – my direct line is (877) PWR-WAGN – or (877) 797-9246.

Talk to you soon!

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